Connect for Education is the leading developer of online college music courses. Our music appreciation title alone is used in over 400 colleges and universities. Adopted like textbooks – our titles features rigorous content and high academic standards for authorship. But what makes C4E so different from other academic publishers is that we setup, support and host a unique and customizable online course shell for every single adopting instructor. We are a service company with a mission to use technology to create online course materials that transcend the printed book. We create your course in a way that will enhance and support your teaching activities the way a printed textbook has never done. We provide the content, music, testing, tools and premium support – then we get out of the way and let you teach your face to face or online music course.

Connect for Education also works in other disciplines like public speaking, mathematics, languages and medicine. In some cases we leverage our vast instructional design experience to create courses in partnerships with leading academic programs. In other cases, we license our patented web based technology tools to other content providers across many disciplines. And sometimes we just work with a passionate professor to make their unique teaching and learning vision a reality through the use of technology.


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